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Our fields of expertise

With more than thirty years of professional experience in various environments, domestic and international, we can bring to you expertise in the fields hereunder presented. The "References" section exhibits the past assignments showing the type of mobilized expertise.
The knowledge of both public and public sectors gives a better understanding of these two environments, a great advantage in projects launched by state or local administration.
Strategy & Organization

Our expertise in strategy and organization covers various areas, such as:

  • defining an ambitious but realistic strategy aiming at formalizing the vision of the top management for the company's future,

  • assessing objectives in regards to the company's strengths and its strategy, with recommendations in case of misfits,

  • weighting advantages and disadvantages of choice for organic growth versus acquisitions,

  • detecting targets for acquisitions fitting the company's objectives and profile, and taking the first steps for approaching the managements,

  • helping in setting-up an organization, or auditing an existing organization, and checking its alignment with the company's strategy.

Financial engineering

Our expertise in financial engineering covers a wide range of topics, such as:

  • preparing and facilitating mergers & acquisitions, with a special focus on their inception aimed at establishing a common understanding amongst shareholders and management of the major phases of a transaction, transaction requirements, potential adjustments as well as timing for the transaction,

  • assisting the management to handle major corporate events such as capital increase, sale of the company, fund raising, project financing, reporting requirements, ratings, negotiating with banks, joint ventures, partnerships, acquisition offers,

  • conducting financial check-up aimed at analyzing the company’s financial position in order to evaluate financing options for investment projects as well as in preparation of financial restructuring or recapitalizations.

Management support

In light of our past experience, we can take advisory roles or, on short term assignmets, work directly in your day-to-day operations  for specific tasks or to stabilize operations and implement a long-term growth plan.

Management backgrounds include CEO, CFO and COO.

Our expertise of management support covers a wide range of topics, such as:

  • placing critical senior management positions through selected partners specialized in Human Resources,

  • reviewing business performance, development and implementation,

  • valuating and optimizing company's assets,

  • reviewing cash flow,

  • optimizing debt/equity structure,

  • defining and implementing turnaround strategy,

  • negotiating with creditors, lenders and other stakeholders.

International support

Our expertise in international support allows to offer a wide range of services between companies, such as:

  • negotiating contractual arrangements such as technological transfer agreements, distribution agreements with foreign companies, alongside the corporate legal departments or legal advisors,

  • raising funds needed to finance projects in foreign countries where the company's usual financial partners are absent,

  • for non-French companies, finding local partners to facilitate their access to the French market, or, alternatively, assisting to set up a local presence (setting-up a subsidiary, shaping the management team),

  • helping to solve disputes prior to legal actions between partners of different nationalities.

Public procurement

Our expertise in public procurement meets both the needs of administrations and private companies. We cover a lot of topics such as:

  • assisting contracting authorities in preparing and conducting contracting processes, with a special focus to the robustness of the legal documentation, as well to the adequacy of the tenders to the needs of the requesting services,

  • training contracting authorities' staff members in a rapidly changing regulatory environment,

  • helping companies bidding for public contracts; that covers a wide range of services, such as assembling the documentation required to apply for calls for tender, elaborating the offers, assisting the company during the negotiation phase.

PPP & Outsourcing

Our expertise in PPP & Outsourcing meets both the needs of administrations and private companies:

  • assisting contacting authorities in the definition of public procurement strategy, in value for money testing, in tendering and deal-making process support, public-private or outsourcing contracting and key performance indicator management,

  • providing private clients support for contract negotiation including its financial part, contract and financial close support, structuring of special purpose vehicles and investor or partner search,

  • in the case of PPPs, providing investors with lender technical advisory services (technical and financial due diligence) and support for loan syndications and funding competitions,

  • assisting the contracting authorities in defining and implemening the social plan in connection to PPP or outsourcing.

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