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References in PPPs

Experience in PPPs was acquired while on assignment at French ministry of defense.

Service contract "Purchase of flight hours of unmanned helicopters - EALAT-Dax"

  • Contract duration: 22 years

  • Recipient organization: French Army's Flight school for Helicopter pilots

  • Location: Dax (40), France

  • Provision of a fleet of 36 new EC-120 helicopters with enhanced cockpits

  • Investment (80 M€) financed by two banks

  • Outsourced maintenance all along the contract

  • Third-party revenues through sale of flight hours and maintenance services

  • Contractual clauses for flexibility and evolutivity of the MoD needs

Contract notified in January 2008
PPP Balard Headquarters

Service contract "Design, construction/renovation of buildings and support on Balard site"

  • Contract duration: 30 years

  • Recipient organization: Ministry of defense

  • Location: Balard site, Paris (75), France

  • Construction of the new MoD Headquarters and renovation of existing buildings

  • Investment (600 M€) financed by a pool of banks

  • Outsourced maintenance & facility management all along the contract

  • Deployment of IT fixed networks and terminals, and their support during 7 years

  • 90.000 sqm allocated for third party revenues through erection of office buildings

Contract notified in May 2011
PPP IT fixed networks

Service contract "Deployment and support of IT fixed networks in 35 air bases - RDIP-Air"

  • Contract duration: 16 years

  • Recipient organization: French air forces and MoD telecom operator DIRISI

  • Location: 35 air bases throughout France

  • Design and deployment of 35 MAN and LAN networks under Internet Protocol 

  • Investment (80 M€) financed by two banks

  • Networks' maintenance and management shared between MoD and contractor

  • Upgrade of active equipments at mid-contract

  • Contractual clauses for flexibility and evolutivity of the MoD needs

Contract notified in August 2011
PPP EPC - Garrison Roc Noir

Service contract "Energy performance contract - Garrison Roc Noir"

  • Contract duration: 20 years

  • Recipient organization: Garrison Roc Noir

  • Location: Chambéry (73), France

  • Installation/renovation of boilers and hot water heating, insulation work of buildings

  • Investment (20 M€) financed by one financial leasing company

  • Outsourced maintenance and facility management all along contract

  • No third-party revenues

  • Contractual clauses for incentivisation of the contractor on energy savings

Contract notified in November 2011
PPP Renovation of CNSD

Service contract "Renovation of the National Sport Centre for Defense"

  • Contract duration: 30 years

  • Recipient organization: National Sport Centre for Defense

  • Location: Fontainebleau (77), France

  • Construction of new buildings and sport facilities and renovation of existing ones

  • Investment (75 M€) financed by a pool of banks

  • Outsourced facililty management of the centre all along the contract

  • Reception, cleaning and guarding, catering and accommodation services

  • Third-party revenues through marketing of available slots of sport facilities

Contract notified in December 2011
PPP ISAE Student residence

Service contract "Design, construction/renovation and support of ISAE student residence"

  • Contract duration: 30 years

  • Recipient organization: French Aeronautics and Space Engineering School ISAE

  • Location: Toulouse (31), France

  • Construction of new buildings and renovation of existing ones (capacity 1000 rooms)

  • Investment (40 M€) financed by the contractor

  • Outsourced maintenance and facility management all along the contract

  • Third-party revenues from students and other visitors

  • Pricing policy of bedrooms' rental fixed by ISAE

Contract notified in January 2012
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